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tentativenewtype said: If you could pilot any mobile suit, which one would it be?


The F91. High speed, extremely maneuverable, and still packs a punch with the twin VSBRs. But to be fair there are a crap ton of mobile suits I’d wanna pilot. 

Them fully rotating wrists. Mmmmmm


Transparent by meRecolor and smoke by closetanimegirl


Transparent by me
Recolor and smoke by closetanimegirl

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I woke up around 5am here in Japan because its really windy and rainin pretty hard. Not sure if we have school today but my body aches because of the change in temperature and air pressure.


seems like we have…

I too had to get to school through the typhoon this morning.
But I’m a teacher, so….


Meeting May

She says she’s Haruka, unless I’m mistaken.
She’s also being quite polite.

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Lord Vader is FABULOUS. 

Lord Vader is FABULOUS. 

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Someone has never grown up as a boy

Oh look, someone who has never grown up as a male, assuming how males grow up. That we don’t get told the same thing. you’ll fit right into to tumblr.

"man up"

"men don’t cry"

"be a man"

"that’s not manly"

"get muscles"

"eat meat"

"play with action figures instead"

"be loud"

"No hitting girls "(but not boys)

"be tough"

"men protect girls even at the cost of their lives" (check like…any action children’s movie or…adult movie)

"It isn’t manly to do that."

"boys are dirty"

"snips, snails, and puppy dog tails"

"boys are stupid"

And it is even worse if you are gay growing up and your parents don’t approve (like most gay people growing up over the past 20 years in the US)

"no cooking, that isn’t manly"

"you need guy friends"

"go to the gym"

"be sure to work hard enough to support two people. you might get married someday"

"go hit on girls"

"pay for meals for girls"

"that’s what boys are supposed to do"

Maybe shut your biased one-sided mouth and stop spreading misinformation. This kind of thing is why the struggles of men are joked about and not taken seriously. Men must lead perfect lives and thus have nothing to worry about. We don’t worry about men who are overweight because they must not have any struggles from that. We don’t need to help the majority of depression victims because they’re men. We don’t need to help the majority of violence victims because they’re men. We can just laugh a man getting his penis cut off and put into a garbage disposal. It’s only a man.

I grew up being told what it is to be a man every step through my life. I was told that men have muscles, eat a lot, and get dirty. In most of the books I read and kids movies I watched, I was told that I need to risk my life for women. “women and children first”, “never hit a woman” (even if she was the one attacking), “protect women” (instead of protect people). I was told that their lives are held more value than mine.

I was told to grow up and find a good job, not for me, but so that I would be found attractive by a girl and so that I could spend money on her to make her happy, but not expecting the same treatment. I was told to date women by picking them up, driving them to a restaurant, paying tons of money on them, buy them a gift, and drop them off. Of course none of the girls that I went to school with were told to do the same thing.  ”Because that’s what being a man is.”

I was told that I wasn’t aloud to cook because “it wasn’t manly enough”, even though it’s what I liked to do. Even though I didn’t have any friends and didn’t like going outside, I was forced out because “boys like to run around and get dirty”. I was told that women don’t like flabby men and that I should get thinner (more manly) to attract a woman.

How dare you assume that I as a boy was not constantly told what it is to be a man. How dare you spread that only women get told that.

It’s a horrible thing when influential people spread misinformation like this because more often than not, people will believe you, whether you know what you’re talking about or not.


Ever since a really young age, I never understood why it was “women and children” as a priority. The children part doesn’t bother me (much), but why women?
We need to be treated as equals in everyday life, no matter the gender.
There is no equality for either side thus far imo

Both side of this are true.

The Male and Female genders (I’m afraid my knowledge of inter-gender lets me down here) both have some stupid stereotypes to conform to and images they are told they have to uphold.

The general concern - and the reason that the ones surrounding women get more attention - is that, generally speaking, it is men who have constructed these images and stereotypes; as a consequence it is viewed that men have forced themselves into a mould.

Furthermore, and this is CRUCIAL, the images and stereotypes surrounding the female gender are FAR more detrimental to society because they place women -in most situations- below men.
      Even “women and children first” reflects that. Women are seen - in that phrase - as being in need of the protection of men whereas men are thought of being able to fend for themselves / more noble for sacrificing themselves.
     Not to say your interpretation isn’t valid, of course. It DOES also reflect that men are viewed as more disposable - something that is fairly ingrained in most Western societies.

Is this fair? I don’t think so.
Is it right that the stereotypes for men receive so little attention? Again, I don’t think so.
But women REALLY got the shit end of the stick on this one - that’s why they receive more attention.

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this picture is killing me

Everybody trying to help The Queen and then there’s Putin

Dammit. Russia is immune to our mind control technology!



this picture is killing me

Everybody trying to help The Queen and then there’s Putin

Dammit. Russia is immune to our mind control technology!

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Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

"They’re in a better position to judge than I am."

I think this is how most open minded people who value communication, connection, and are willing to learn from others think.

…Did… Did Russel Brand just explain how to react to being called out on something? 


I think Russel is great person, I just don’t like him in anything I’ve seen him in.

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I sometimes wonder if Americans get this part of the film, because basically all the Swans in England belong to the Queen and it’s against the law to kill one, and because they’re Police Officers, they obviously can’t break the law so they save the Swan

I am an american and I had no idea thank

I am british and I had no idea thank

You are a shame to the Crown and the Realm. Please surrender your Tea Ration Card to your nearest Bobby.

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This is the story of a man who challenged fate…
…and lost

The Parallel Works were AMAZING

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Good Vibes HERE

I will never chop onions in the presence of a loved one again.


Good Vibes HERE

I will never chop onions in the presence of a loved one again.

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Modding Mondays: KSP Translations




Thanks to our passionate international community members, players can now read parts, science and even some of their favorite mods in ITALIAN, FRENCH and SPANISH. Not every translation will work on the same in-game areas of note, but whether you want to brush up on a new language or recognize more of your native languages in KSP, these mods help in a big way.


Tetravaal (2004) Directed by Neill Blomkamp


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